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David Preston, Legendary Consultant

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David Preston

"The Legendary Consultant"

Legendary Consultants




David is an author, speaker, and consultant. He has worked with many companies and taught hundreds of workshops on effective marketing to local business owners. His expertise is responsible for ½ billion dollars in sales through his clients and product launches.


His strategies and methods have landed him in the news, and on live talk radio shows. He is a much sought-after speaker at marketing events worldwide. His methods and strategies have been featured in hundreds of articles written by many industry giants of marketing.


He has taught workshops to business owners worldwide for many organizations. The Small Business Administration sponsored his workshops in several states. Many of the workshops he teaches are free as a public service to local business communities.


He has partnered or consulted with the largest industry giants available today. 

David has sold an average of $50,000 in products or services in a one-hour speaking engagement. He is booked for months in advance. His goal is to help individuals and companies realize their full potential in sales by utilizing simple, easy-to-implement strategies that deliver huge results. 

He has created many best-selling products based on his marketing knowledge. He is known for his "Offline Goldmine" series as well as "Diamonds In Your Backyard" events. He created the "Cash Cow Workshops" series and "Local SEO Profits". They are focused on training business consultants working with local businesses.

A search on Google for the term Legendary Consultant David Preston currently returns over 1.8 million results from over 30 years of actually helping businesses succeed in ways they never thought possible. “Simple works” has always been his motto. 


David has now semi-retired after 30 years in the business and consulting field but has partnered with The MILE Group to help SMBOs "bounce-back". He currently divides his time between the Philippines and coastal South Carolina. He is married and has three daughters and one son, Emerald, Alexis, Sarah, and Thaddeus.


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