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Content Syndication Campaigns (CSCs)

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How to Be Everywhere All at Once Online…



Everybody knows that more and more "real" businesses are turning to the Internet to get more customers/clients.

Ever noticed that the “big names” in the business world seem to be everywhere online…  











This is an incredibly effective marketing strategy that allows them to reach millions of people… and to establish their authority in the industry RAPIDLY and for a long time.

However, as a small business owner, it probably seems crazy to think that you could pull off a strategy like this, too, right?

After all, these “big names” usually have large marketing teams (or hire expensive agencies) to:

  • Create engaging, high-quality content for them… 

  • Adapt that content and publish it online to 100+ major high authority sites with huge audiences… 

  • Be seen everywhere online to get viewers attention and clicks to their website


…and what kind of small business owner has the budget for that (let alone time to spend hours on content marketing every week)?

A different way to grow your business







                                      This is how you stop feeling invisible in your marketplace... 



What if there was a way to get all of the benefits of a large marketing team (or high-end agency)… 

 …at just a small fraction of what it would actually cost to hire one?


Now it’s possible for your business to build your own "online brand equity" to be seen everywhere online (in news articles, videos, social media posts, and a lot more) so you too can have an online presence that hundreds (even thousands) of prospects can see now and in the future.

An online presence that rivals the results that the big brands achieve but for a lot less…

Publishing your information in hundreds of online sites is absolutely fantastic because it keeps you top of mind, it keeps you visible and it helps build up the know, like, and trust factor.

We are talking about content regarding your business, your products and services showing on high authority news and blog sites and on social media (Google, YouTube, Facebook, NBC News, Fox, etc.) that we will create, publish and distribute everywhere for you so you get hyper-targeted traffic and everyone interested in your products or services can “SEE” you when they search online.

You can now get all the FREE high-value traffic you could ever need with this simple, repeatable process

 We’re talking about a way that’s entirely DFY, and allows you to:

  • Have unique content created FOR YOU by our team of copywriters assisted by AI  

  • Get that content optimized for search and automatically posted to  over 100 high authority sites online

  • Scale your business and get more leverage for generating leads and sales from COLD traffic searching online for your services.

  • While requiring little-to-no effort on your part. 


That might sound unbelievable, but I can promise you its possible!

On average, clients have seen a 25% increase in traffic and clicks from having feature articles published on high authority media sites online.

This is really a massive shortcut to reaching hundreds and hundreds of new people that are online looking for your services and just don't even know it until they see you everywhere online. Plus those results will continue to compound as your information and content will be seen everywhere and for a long time.

So, if you fill like you are an “invisible expert” and want to get quality leads, without bankrupting yourself in the process, then this is for you.

If you see the potential and would like to be able to generate and publish content online that will bring you leads and higher rankings almost on autopilot…

…Then you’ll want to leverage our Content Syndication Campaigns (CSCs) = You EVERYWHERE!

Your readers are more likely to trust content that comes from a credible source, so it is important to make sure your content is accurate, up-to-date, helpful and showing everywhere!

The content you want to share has to be written in a way that helps build your credibility and meet the overwhelming need of your target audience so you can stand out from the competition.

You could add thousands of visitors to your website almost on autopilot and continue to get more leads and clients for months to come.

RESULT… when you control your media presence online like that… 

  • You are recognized as the trusted authority 

  • You can stop paying ridiculous ad costs to acquire new clients

  • You control the narrative with your messaging

  •  You can keep your competitors wondering what you are doing to get those results

  • You get proven content without having to create any of it

This is a huge, huge, huge opportunity to rise above your competitors and be visible everywhere!

And here is where you can order your first Content Syndication Campaign now!

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