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About Us

Over 70 Years of Combined Business Growth & Marketing Experience...

Creating Long Lasting Results That Help Your Business Grow- Faster!

How Threee Top Rated Business Growth & Marketing Consultants Are Helping Small Business Owners Achieve Exponential Sales, Profit and Cash-Flow Results in 7 to 14 days…  Guaranteed!

STOP feeling like you are in the slow lane of the Online Highway....


When you have a problem with your health, you go to a doctor...

Once there they ask you a lot of questions, discuss your symptoms, maybe perform some basic tests and then prescribe something to try to solve your problem.

We are not medical doctors, but if your business is in dire need of a “CPR”, we are here to discuss where you are and where you want to go in your business so we can “prescribe” strategies and proven campaigns that will provide you with better and faster results... so you can grow your business much, much faster.



The Experts

David Preston, The Legendary Consultant

David specializes in bringing companies the true power of the internet. David literally wrote the book on local business marketing! He is also a professional speaker, author, certified joint venture broker and internet launch, specialist. David works with some of the biggest names on the planet! Imagine what he can do for your business…


Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder, The MILE Group

As an executive with over 26 years’ experience in business, consulting, and corporate finance, Eva’s experience includes business formation, executive level management, mergers, acquisitions, and marketing. With The MILE Group, she utilizes the latest in digital technology combined with proven marketing strategies to provide businesses with better online visibility and higher ROI for all their marketing activities across multiple digital channels.

Together with our professional support team we help small businesses scale rapidly to millions in recurring yearly revenue without paid ads or wasting time. 

And we know a lot of small business owners are feeling frustrated...especially after what we all experienced during the last two years and they are looking for real help in order to bounce-back.


Small businesses working with us reach their revenue targets faster. And it's all thanks to our exclusive focus, know-how, resources, and systems that ensure we deliver consistently better results year after year.

Our exclusive systems and proven campaigns plus our 70 + years of combined expertise work so well that you can say that we're simply "the path of least resistance" when it comes to generating more sales, profit and cash-flow…faster and WITHOUT paying for advertising.

This is NOT about sharing “tactics” that may work this week and then fizzle away or that worked a year ago but not now. We are sharing proven strategies and campaigns that are responsible for generating over Half a Billion Dollars in sales and profits for us and our clients.

Our “new normal” allows us to reach even more targeted prospects using digital campaigns that work faster than you ever imagined...

Let's talk about the under the radar local marketing strategies that produce exponential results that we will share with you for during our Business Growth Discovery call.

Yesterday was the best time to start growing your business with the best team helping you implement proven marketing campaigns. But, if you didn't do that, today is next-best!

We got you covered…

Let’s Talk So You Can Find Out How to Grow Your Sales and Profit While Making Your Competition Irrelevant!

We're focused on "being different" for clients as an agency. Meaning, our team will work with you to develop and implement our proven marketing campaigns for you using the Small Business CPR framework.

Dream up campaigns. Leverage resources, Create content, and Ads. Implement them for you. The whole bit!

This is your “ticket” to a consistent stream of new and past customers that easily convert into more sales…again and again.

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