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Delivering powerful proven campaigns, marketing solutions and unique systems

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Overall Marketing Strategy

We provide multiple services to help you get more customers, generate more sales, and increase your profits & cash-flow…Faster, Easier and for Less…

With our 50 + years of combined Business Management and Digital Marketing Expertise, we've seen a thing or two when helping our clients build and grow their businesses.

We're focused on "being different" for clients as an agency. Meaning, our team will determine and do your marketing for you using the Small Business CPR framework and proven campaigns that we know will provide your business real results.

Not only that but we will also help you find out if your business qualifies to receive the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) for free. This rebate could add thousands of dollars in cash (that you don't have to pay back) for your business


Digital Marketing

We use state of the art technology and automation, paired with good old-fashioned experience and hard work to help you get at least a 3X ROI on your investment with services like:

  • Building Text message (SMS) lists- of customers to reach with special offers/coupons, etc.

  • Creating viral campaigns to get new customers – campaigns that are shared for free to reach a lot more people

  • Creating Digital Customer Loyalty Campaigns –to get customers to come back to get a free “gift”, service, coupon, discount, etc. after X number of purchases

  • Using QR Codes - to get customers to come back again 

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Fast Business Growth

Some of our main services include:

  • Reactivation/re-engagement campaigns – reaching out to your current and past customers to generate fast cash using proven campaigns and our multi-channel approach- email, SMS, voice messages

  • List building – the money really is on your list so if you are NOT building a list you are risking the future of your business- creates buyers on demand and will skyrocket your sales at “The Push Of A Button”

  • Email marketing campaigns - to monetize your database

  • The MASQ System- our unique new system that helps service providers get pre-qualified prospects who are Ready, Willing & Able to book an appointment to discuss using your services

  • Content Syndication Campaigns (CSS)- The fastest and easiest way to gain onlin visibility and credibility by publishing and syndicting your content to over 100+ high quality online media sites.


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List Building & Email Marketing

More and more business owners are realizing that getting new clients is NOT the only way to generate more sales.

Businesses that don't build a list of buyers and prospects are missing out on a lot of additional sales. Every lead. every buyer is a goldmine that you can reach again and again to generate additional sales without having to paid for advertising.

  • List Building- the money really is on your list so if you are NOT building a list you are risking the future of your business- creates buyers on demand and will skyrocket your sales at “The Push Of A Button”

  • Email marketing campaigns - to monetize your database

The right email or text campaign can make the difference between a crappy sales month and your best month ever.

It’s really that powerful. Especially if you sell high-ticket products or services.


The MASQ System


Every Service Provider Needs to book appointment to discuss how prospects can use their services...

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew HOW to beat your competitors and keep your calendar full with pre-qualified sales appointments EVERY week?


And imagine having access to that system, and knowing it would work consistently…

That is why we created The MASQ System where we capture all the leads coming from your online ads to pre-qualify themselves BEFORE they book an appoinment to discuss your services.

By Asking specific questions, Scoring their answers and analyzing their answers we are able to pr-qualify those prospects before they are added to your calendar.

Doing this saves you time and effort as you get to talk to ONLY prospects who are willing, ready and able to use yur services.


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Content Syndication Campaigns

Creating Press Releases- and publishing content on hundreds of high level authority sites online- get your prospects to "SEE" you everywhere online.


For the price you'd pay for 10 press releases, you get guaranteed PR distribution, syndication, promotion, and coverage on 100+ high quality sites (sites like Google News, YouTube, Vimeo, Apple… major news brands like NBC, ABC… sovial media platforms… the list goes on and on and on.)


Leveraging all these existing sites has a ‘snowball’ effect, which ultimately grows your traffic AND authority and helps you get more customers…automatically!


Because your content published online will help grow your online visibility, increase your website ranking and add to your business credibility- all at once.


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