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Even Big Companies Don’t Get It…

Different times call for unique and proven ways to attract new customers and to re-engage those that already Like, Know and Trust you and your services. But even today in 2022... a LOT of big reputable companies are still doing business as if it's 1980.

Here is but an example…

I heard someone I know complain about his bank.

In a nutshell, he opened his personal bank account a few years back when he was starting his business.

At that time, the bank met his banking needs.

But he has grown his business a lot and he is still using the same bank.

Now that he has cash to invest he wants to have the ability to do a few things that his bank won’t allow.

Things like:

-Allow him to wire money without having to visit a branch. -Not having to mail in forms to set up auto-pay.

-Being able to put multiple accounts under the same login. -And providing a way to stop the annoying automated phone calls whenever you make a purchase over a certain amount.

Yes this may not be a problem for a lot of their customers.

But these are small nagging pains for him and probably for other customers as well.

So here is this big bank not listening to their customers needs and losing customers because they are too lazy or too set in their ways to accommodate SIMPLE requests.

And customers are going to their competitor down the street that has listened to what their customers WANT and invested time and money to give their customers what they NEED…

And you know what’s even worse…this bank is spending a lot of money paying for ads to acquire new customers!

Go figure…

Remember that the next time you want hear a customer complaint or a request...

Make it convenient for customers to do business with you.

Don’t expect customers to “figure it out” on their own. Someone else will do things the right way. And they'll take your customers away from you in no time.

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