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Thank You!

Congratulations and Welcome to The M.A.S.Q. System

You made a great decision by signing up to use The M.A.S.Q. System that will help you get pre-qualified prospects booking calls into your calendar to discuss using your services.

Now you can manage all your leads and separate yourself from your competitors by taking advantage of a unique system that includes the power of AI to create specific questions to qualify your prospects and to book appointments for only those that are Ready, Willing and Able to use your services.

Those who miss this window of opportunity will quickly fall behind...

Welcome to The MASQ System

Expect to Be Completely Blown Away!

You've made a wise investment.. one that will help you grow your business exponentially. Let's get started...

What The MASQ System will Do For You

Your competition is fierce so once we set up your customized system, you will be able to:

  • Send all the people that click on your ad to your new landing/capture page

  • Be able to capture their information, Ask your specific questions and Score their answers

  • Once they answer your questions, all your prospects will receive immediate –real-time- feedback to help them see where they are at and where they need your help.

  • Once the system scores their answers, these prospects will be either addded to your CRM where you can follow up with them or to your calendar to book an appointment.

  • In 7 days or less, you’ll be able to eliminate all technical headaches and have all the heavy lifting done for you so you can have more pre-qualified prospects ready to talk to you to start using your services.  

What We Need From You

In order to get started we will need the following from you:

  1. If you currently have a list of specific questions that you ask your leads to determine if they are a good candidate to use your services, please email us a copy of those questions. Our copywriting team assisted by AI will use your questions as a starting point to come up with the specific questions to use in your survey.

  2. Once your customized system is set up, we will email you the redirect link to use on your ads so all your leads land on your new branded landing/capture page.

  3. We will need to be able to connect your unique survey to both your CRM and to your Calendar  We can send you the links and you can have your team complete this process (or we can do it for you once we have your login details)

  4. Please assign one person from your team to work with us so we can set up and deploy your system ASAP (we will need their: name, email, direct phone #)

For Follow-up

In order to avoid any misscommunication, we will communicate with your team via email only using this email address: 

The sooner we get the information as per item 2 above, the sooner we can finish customizing your system so you can start using it.

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