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Business Owners Need To Make Innovation A Core Value...

Updated: May 11, 2022

The workplace faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the pandemic. For the most part, a drop in production was not one of them. Productivity increased with the start of remote workers. The pandemic left little choice to businesses struggling to stay afloat.

While productivity remained constant, innovation declined. As a consultant, I understand the reasons. Focus and creativity became much more difficult with remote work. These two ingredients are essential for innovation.

Slack, Zoom, and other providers made it easier for remote teams to work. But the trade-off was the distractions at home. Caring for sick family members or homeschooling topped the list for distractions.

It's understandable that innovation has slowed. People completed their tasks, yet found it difficult to think of anything outside the box. Most workers struggled with juggling daily chores while trying to work from home.

For many, it was the first time they had worked outside of a disciplined office environment. Most found a way to make it work, but self-discipline is difficult for many. As a result focus and creativity took a backseat to maintain daily work chores. The distractions of working remotely proved too great for many.

As a result, innovation suffered. Innovation is the key to growth and marketing. Companies floundered during the pandemic, and many closed their doors. They couldn't adapt to the changing market without innovation.

In this new environment, businesses have to make innovation a core value to succeed.

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