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How The M.A.S.Q.System WorksThe MASQ System Works

How Service Based Providers Get More Booked Appointments with Pre-qualified Prospects...


WITHOUT Having to Set Up Any Tech...
















Getting a lot of leads from people clicking on your ads and filling out a form may sound like a great possibility for additional clients and sales.

But, is it?

Think about it, if those leads are not qualified for what you offer or they can’t afford your services, you end up wasting time and money that you could put to much better use.

Wouldn’t it be much better getting ONLY pre-qualified prospects booking appointments on your calendar to discuss using you services?

As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get…and I have great news for you…

A solution literally no one else can offer…

The M.A.S.Q. System

Imagine this…

Being able to ASK the leads that come from your online ads specific questions, then you assess their interest based on their answers, our system pre-qualifies them and then they can book an appointment on your calendar…all Done-For-You.

That is exactly what The MILE Ask Score and Qualify (M.A.S.Q.) System will do for you:

  1. Captures the leads that click on your ad on your own branded landing page,

  2. Asks them specific questions to see if they qualify based on your criteria,

  3. Scores their answers based on various parameters,

  4. Analyzes and summarizes their feedback  to determine if they qualify, and

  5. Then connects Pre-Qualified prospects only to your calendar to book an appointment to discuss using your services.

  6. All Done-for-You


It’s not like a complex funnel system that has you setting up all these convoluted pages, tons of up sells and down sells, and automations that look like a family tree.


By leveraging The M.A.S.Q. System Your Competitors Won’t Have A Prayer Of Catching Up To You... EVER! 

The M.A.S.Q. Advantage

Until now you have been advertising to people who may be interested in learning more about your services and getting clicks from people who may not qualify or are not ready yet.

That’s because all other systems that I’m aware of are based on sending leads from your ad to your website or at best to a page where they can share their name and email so you can follow up with them.

But you couldn’t tell what they want or if they qualify for your services… which results in lots of wasted money, time and effort!

But our new M.A.S.Q. System is totally different and there’s nothing like this available anywhere else.

It’s a unique new way of generating more qualified appointments from your ads so you can close more sales.

And remember…

Getting potential clients on the phone is one thing.

Converting them into actual clients is another.

But when pre-qualified prospects book a call with you specifically to learn about your services…they expect you to sell to them!

They have already raised their hand and told you they are interested in potentially hiring you.

And now you can take advantage of a unique system that will get you ONLY pre-qualified prospects booking appointments on your calendar after they click on your ad so you can start scaling profits without scaling your time & energy.

So now that you know such a system is available, you have three options…

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing


Continue doing what you are doing right now. If you are already getting enough prospects wanting to talk to you about your services, then this is NOT for you.

Maybe you don’t need to change how you are trying to attract new clients.

But if you’d like to change your marketing to attract more clients, AND save time and effort, that leaves you with two other options…

Option #2: Do it yourself

Yes you can create a new capture page, add a few questions and then review the answers shared to then see how you can help them. For this you would need to be able to:

  1. Create a survey using copy proven to convert and questions that will help you pre-qualify those leads

  2. Send people who click on your ad to a new page that captures their information, ASKs them specific questions, then analyzes and summarizes their answers so you can determine if they qualify and are ready to use your services so you can decide what to offer them

  3. And get only those that pre-qualify to book an appointment on your calendar

All of the above can be done within one week...if you know what you are doing...

That said, if you've never built one of these before, it can be an intimidating task.


Option #3: Let The MASQ System do the heavy lifting for you

  • We will create a beautiful and conversion friendly lead capture page designed to match your brand so your leads are not confused (this is where leads from your ad will land)

  • With your input, our team of copywriters assisted by A.I. will get to work to create qualifying categories and the questions that we know will work for your market (the questions that will help pre-qualify your prospects)

  • We put together the technology that makes all of this work for you (to ASK your questions and to collect your user’s scores based on how they’ve answered your questions)

  • Then only pre-qualified prospects will be able to book an appointment in your calendar (so you can talk to them about your services)

  • In days (not months), you can eliminate all the technical headaches and have all the heavy lifting to get more pre-qualified booked appointments done for you


RESULT: The M.A.S.Q. System will dramatically increase the number of pre-qualified leads booking an appointment; it will reduce your costs- both in terms of time and money by only talking to pre-qualified prospects- and position yourself and your business beyond the reach of your competition.

Stop wasting time and money on prospects that are NOT ready, willing and able to afford your services.

Get started today as we open up access to our M.A.S.Q.  System to only FOUR new clients per month.

CLICK HERE NOW to find out all the details of what's included and secure your access to The M.A.S.Q. – AI - System so you can get more pre-qualified prospects booking an appointment into your calendar.

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