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Reach Your Unique Targeted CONSUMERS From Our Permission-Based Database of 150 Million People
Using 750 Different Parameters

Use Email Reach Campaigns to Close More Sales…Faster and For Less

If you are trying to attract more customers to your business, which option do you prefer?

  1. Buying a list of people within your local area and sending them a “cold” email to see if they are interested in what you offer, or

  2. Having a custom list of CONSUMERS within your local area who are Ready, Willing AND Able  to buy, consumers who have shared their information and preferences plus given us permission to receive specific promotions from local businesses based on their shared preferences and interests


I don’t know about you …but I would choose option # 2 one 100 percent of the time!

  • With our proprietary database of CONSUMERS you’ll be able to reach your unique targeted audience from our Permission-Based Database of 150 Million People using 750 different parameters (data points)

  • Our Email-Reach Campaigns provide the tools necessary to implement successful multi-channel + marketing campaigns for pennies on the dollar

  • By enhancing our email marketing service we are able to identify your ideal customer and drive these consumers to your website, your special offer, to claim your coupon, to give you a call, etc.

Reach Your Target Audience

We can help you reach a hyper-targeted audience using proven email marketing campaigns.

Our wide-ranging database consists of consumers profiles based on their:

  • Location (i.e. city, country, state, zip code, DMA)

  • Age, gender, education, income, net worth, credit, shopping preferences, etc.

  • Areas of interest (i.e. cooking, travel, sports and more)

  • And a lot more…


We also leverage display and email re-marketing to reinforce your message and increase your conversions.

So far, our clients are getting their emails opened and consumers are clicking through to their offers while getting a 10X+ return on their investment (ROI).

What about you?

Ready to find out what kind of ROI you can get?

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