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Has Your Business Taken A Huge Hit Because of the Pandemic?

If so, we are here to help...


If your business is struggling  with...

  • Low or decreasing sales volume & Cash-Flow

  • Low customer retention rate 

  • Profit and loss statement tilting to the LOSS side

  • Low or NO new customer acquisitions

  • Having a hard time attracting & retaining staff


Discover How to Claim Your ERTC Rebate, Generate Fast-Cash in 7 to 14 Days Using Something You Already Have,  How to Attract & Retain the Workers You Need ... And Growing Your Business with Proven Campaigns So You Can Increase Your Revenue Exponentially!

Apply for free to see if you qualify and for how much!

Check out the benefits packages you and your staff want and need!

Generate Fast-CAsh with one of our proven campaigns

Business Growth Strategies to grow you sales and profits exponentially!

We are the Consulting Strategists that small business owners call when they are experiencing a business problem they cannot resolve. With over 50 years of combined business consulting and digital marketing experience, we have literally seen and done it all...

And we are here to help...
DP and EM.png

The Experts...


David Preston, The Legendary Consultant. and Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder The MILE Group combined forces to help small business owners "bounce-back" faster and easier...

Use assets hidden in plain sight to generate fast cash in your business

Consulting Services


Starting with your "bounce-back" strategy call, we will help you determine the best Fast-Path-To-Cash Method for your unique business

Achieve exponential results and growth for your small business



We will show you the best way for you to generate more sales, profit & cash-flow but also help your team implement proven strategies that will bring you exponential results...



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