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Has Your Business Taken A Hit In The Last 3 Years?

We believe small businesses are the “heart” of any economy...

Your business success matters because when small business owners thrive…we all thrive.

And we truly believe that small business owners are the true heroes of our economy and that during the tragic pandemic of the last three years (and now during a projected recession) we are the ones to provide the solution that will bring the world out of economic disaster.

In fact, there is tremendous opportunity in a recession IF you’re able to remain confident and not allow your mindset and emotions to drive you mad AND you follow recession-proof proven strategies

That is why we are helping Small Business Owners “bounce-back” faster using:

  1. List Building- Building a list of buyers that you reach out to again and again

  2. Lead Generation- Attracting more new prospects to use your services via lead generation

  3. Fast Sales and Cash-flow- Increasing sales and profits in 7 to 14 days- guaranteed

  4. Getting more pre-qualified prospects to book an appointment to discuss using your services

  5. Be "SEEN" Everywhere Online- gain online visibilty & increase site ranking all at once

  6. Helping Small Business Owners Claim their share of the ERTC Funds


By leveraging the expertise of two top business growth and marketing consultants with a combined 50+ years of real experience PLUS unique systems we guarantee results - no magic, no gimmicks.

We re talking about exponential results...

Our businesses and our clients businesses have generated over $500 million in revenue so far…Plus, with the proven strategies, systems and tactics we use and share, they have been able to grow revenues, cash-flow and profits exponentially.

There is no better time than right now…




And remember, just because you own a small business doesn’t mean that you have to think small…

Yes there are three basic ways to grow a business: get more new clients, get them to buy more, get them to buy more often.

But there are countless methods, strategies, techniques, and channels you can use to achieve one or more of these three goals…

As entrepreneurs and business owners continue to encounter problem after problem in their personal and professional life, the smart ones turn to qualified advisors like us who can help them solve their biggest problems.

Whatever the state of the economy is in, you’ll need all the help that you can get.


You deserve to succeed and we are here to help you bounce-back easier and faster...

Ready to find out how you can leverage our experience, systems and shortcuts to grow your business faster?

Let's talk...

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The Experts...


David Preston, The Legendary Consultant. and Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder The MILE Group combined forces to help small business owners "bounce-back" faster and easier...

Generate Fast-CAsh with one of our proven campaigns

Consulting Services


Starting with your "bounce-back" strategy call, we will help you determine the best Fast-Path-To-Cash Method for your unique business

Achieve exponential results and growth for your small business



We will show you the best way for you to generate more sales, profit & cash-flow but also help your team implement proven strategies that will bring you exponential results...



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