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How To Attract and Retain Staff by Providing Access  to Breakthrough Employee Benefits For Less...

Cost-Saving Health and Wellness Benefits for All - FT, PT and 1099's and Their Families!

Small Business Owners are doing all they can to increase staff—63% increased wages, 13% increased paid time off, and 13% even instituted a signing bonus—but the new hire rate hasn’t improved because money doesn’t address all the real needs of today’s job seekers.

The solution to part of the labor crisis is simple but historically unavailable. Small businesses (50 employees or less) simply need to offer health and security benefits to attract employees, but 90 percent of small businesses don’t qualify for or can’t afford the cost of current benefits packages.

Large companies can provide benefits that smaller companies can not. The great news is benefits providers want to help small businesses; they just needed the proper channel to be able to do so. And this channel is finally available to offer breakthrough benefits packages for small businesses!

LifeExec delivers the first complete and affordable benefits solution designed for everyone.

It is a membership program, offering you the best rates at a fraction of the price. No bloat from insurance. No middle man.


LifeExec negotiates great rates on amazing programs directly with service providers and passes those savings onto you.

These Health benefits programs were created to provide easy access to affordable benefits to both the employers and its workers and their families and are a collection of high-value benefits that include Telemedicine, Vision, Dental, Pharmaceuticals, Alternative Medicine, Labs, MRI and CT scans, Diabetic Supplies, Medical Equipment, and additional programs already in the pipeline.

Coverage for the Whole Family - No Extra Cost

The Advantage collection of programs covers the member, their spouse, and their children (under age 26). No extra cost. No hidden fees. Keep your entire family protected and healthy with the Advantage Health Care Benefits Programs.

Not only that but we also help you determine if you are in compliance with the ACA requirements in order to avoid paying hefty fees to the IRS in 2023.

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Want to Learn How Easy It Is to Get Started?

If you'd like to find out how you can have access to the best and most affordable Healthcare Benefits Programs available for Small Business Owners and individuals overall, please click on the button below to schedule a 15 minute call with our Benefits Support Team. 

Once you complete the form a team member will be in touch via phone and email to make sure you get all the information you need and to answer any questions you may have before you enroll to have access to any and all our benefits packages...

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