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How The ERTC Helps US Based Small Business Owners

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) has proven to be one of the most effective tax policies in helping small and medium businesses and tax-exempt entities weather the economic impact of the pandemic. 












The IRS management anticipated that approximately 70%-80% of small and medium businesses (as well as tens of thousands of charities) were good candidates for taking the ERTC. The reality is — to date the actual numbers of businesses and charities applying for the ERTC — is far below that.

Small and medium businesses (as well as tax-exempts/charities) are leaving billions of dollars on the table.

That is why we are helping small business owners and nonprofit organizations apply to claim their rebate.

Small business owners often don’t realize that there are basically two ways they can qualify for the ERTC rebate: 

  1. Reduction in revenues (as compared to 2019); and/or

  2. If the business/nonprofit has had a more than nominal negative impact due to federal, state, local government or regulatory COVID orders e.g. shutdowns


Congress viewed the ERTC program as a means of encouraging businesses and nonprofits to retain employees and hire new employees during the government mandated shutdowns– to help these businesses deal with the economic hardships and costs brought by COVID.

There is a broad range of businesses that are good candidates for the ERTC rebate – including restaurants, manufacturing, construction, consulting agencies, food industry, staffing, healthcare and charities/tax exempts like – churches, museums, food kitchens, schools, and more.

The problem for small business owners is that many don’t even know about the program and the process to apply is quite complicated. Many don’t even know they can apply to see if they qualify.

Billions of dollars are available for businesses but they have to apply in order to claim their share.

That is why we’ve made it free and easy to find out:

           1st- If your business qualifies, and

          2nd -For how much

Simply go to, answer a few questions and start the process for free.

The result may be thousands of dollars in your bank account, money that you don’t have to pay back!


This is as real as it gets and we are ready to help you claim the money you are entitled to.

This is all our team of CPAs and tax accountants do to help as many businesses and nonprofits as we can

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